About Blockminepro

Blockminepro is an affordable and successful crypto investment.

What is Blockminepro?

Blockminepro is an advanced ecosystem of innovative financial products and services that provides clients with broad access to high-performance investment tools in the cryptocurrency market.

Blockminepro has been developing a forward-thinking, reliable, intuitive investment platform since 2023, and offers everyone, regardless of their initial background, a first-hand experience of cryptocurrency investing in a safe, professional-led environment.


Days on the market



$374 103

Mining pools

$100 812

Total paid


Company registration

Integrity, reliability, transparency, flexibility and communication should be the core values of any company that works in the field of investment attraction. Blockminepro adheres to absolutely all of these values so that our clients can have confidence and trust in us.

License No. 8597366

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99 Chancery Street,
Auckland Central,
Auckland, 1010, New Zealand